You can now bump up your bids for mobile app ads in real time,
The competition among mobile advertisers is heating up, and adtech companies are creating new kinds of ads to take advantage of it. One of the ideas being borrowed from desktop advertising is in-app header bidding, which is a way to get multiple ad networks to bid in real time to be the provider of an ad inside an app or mobile game.

Appodeal, an ad mediation platform, is introducing its own solution, dubbed Parallel Bidding, for mobile apps. Parallel Bidding works as a unified auction aimed at finding the highest paying ad among all the demand sources (such as ad networks or demand-side platforms) in real time, making their opportunities to bid on an ad opportunity equal.

With this Parallel Bidding system, advertisers compete harder, having all the publishers’ inventory at their disposal. This scenario allows mobile publishers to maximize their revenue opportunity, Appodeal said.