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About World Champion Facialist Brian Champagne

At times, maneuvering through Instagram can be baffling and success can seem elusive. Social media celebrity and professional make-up artist, Brian Champagne, will host a discussion sharing tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts to achieve greater success and speed with Instagram. Learn about today’s marketing and how to become your own brand. Audience questions will be addressed, you don’t want to miss this!

Brian Champagne has been a professional make-up artist for 29 years and is the three-time U.S. and world champion facialist in Bio-Therapeutic’s Face of the Future contest. His clients include Miss USA and Miss Universe, and he’s worked on the Emmy Awards and Reality Awards. Champagne is a social media sensation, a top educator and holds the world record for the largest make-up workshop in history known as Living Legends and Friends. He created Brian Champagne Skin Care, a high-performance line formulated to be perfectly compatible with make-up.