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WIHP: The Direct Booking Company
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We design, engineer and support state-of-the-art marketing tools for hotels and chains.
Since the creation of the company in 1999, we’ve been focused on helping hotels improve direct bookings through their websites and other channels. Built by marketing experts and real hoteliers, WIHP knows just what it means to manage a hotel, and created a marketing company around the true needs of the modern hoteliers.
As a hotel marketing agency, we believe that we are only good if we can increase the revenue and profits of our customers, who are the most important resource we have. Our business purpose is to guide our customers in the hotel marketing world, and to help them make the right decisions that can be measured in increased results. We believe that the best marketing is about promoting and selling the truth, and that being truthful in marketing is one of the most efficient ways to boost sales.
We believe that by being a great team means we need to do even more and get better results than any others on the market. We know that by hiring people that are constantly thinking one step ahead, working on developing solutions that will solve real life problems of hoteliers, we create a better future for hotel guests. We also know that our strength isn’t just to have a great team but to do great actions and always measure the success. No matter how brilliant the solution, it is only as good as it gets results.
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