Charlie Salter is COO at Econsultancy.

After a career setting up and selling leisure businesses in APAC and Eastern Europe, Charlie made a move into the world of B2B media, events and online publishing.

For the last 14 years, He’s worked in director level B2B sales, marketing and M&A positions. He’s been responsible for launching, growing and aquiring online publishing, events and connected online community product and services.

Key focus and network is in the IT/Internet/Digital industries working to provide platforms, content, media and communities that bring together stakeholders to learn, develop and trade.
Charlie is a seasoned marketing and media professional but with a strong commercial bias specializing in digital marketing, team building, (geographical) business development and commercial partnerships.

About Econsultancy’s FUNNEL event:

13th November 2012, Emirates Stadium – Woolwich Suite, London

Meet the people re-defining B2B
There’s a revolution underway in B2B and considered purchase markets. And the people leading this revolution will come together only once this year: at FUNNEL, the Econsultancy-led event for the senior sales and marketing pioneers of B2B.

For the first time, the sales and marketing teams are getting together to define better ways to turn awareness into interest and interest into revenue – and to track the entire cycle.

It’s all about aligning marketing and sales to drive new business through the sales/marketing funnel.

The new B2B aligns marketing and sales to:

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue cycle
Nurture and automate leads throughout the customer lifecycle
Maximise the return on marketing budgets
Minimise sales lead leakage
Optimise budgets by identifying what really works online and off.
Mostly, it’s about total accountability for revenue. And it’s supported by a new generation of tools and technologies, including:

Marketing Automation • Lead Nurturing • Campaign Management • Email marketing. Analytics • Revenue Performance Management • Web Personalization • Marketing Resource Management • Data Management • Real-time Prospect Identification • Web and Video Marketing Platforms…

These new marketing technologies are being joined by new, pipeline-oriented features inside foundation marketing platforms like Customer Relationship Management and Content Management Systems. Together, they form the new sales & marketing arsenal.

The tools are ready. The tactics are proven. Now it’s time to put it all to work.