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“Can you make the digital sale? The rest is just detail!”
is the primary success principle for the digital age and your way to financial freedom. Most of us want to be successful and, if possible, achieve financial freedom through digitalised sales funneling. With more than 30 years experience in cybernetic management spent in an international business environment and with 15 years in the business field of “digitalisation”, there is nothing new for me under the sun. I and my IT-teams for manpower, management and marketing have now created one of the most powerful digital marketing systems in the the world: the system.
We all have to learn dilligently from the most able and experienced mentors and I certainly stand on the shoulders of gigants. And the greatest sales trainer is definetely Jordan Belford – the wolf of wallstreet – with his straighline persuasion system. He created over 12.000 millionairs and defined the primary rule for success:
“The company, that is willing and able to spend the most amount of money for digital customer generation, will win the business game!”
Digital mastership is only for the advanced and experienced business leader who is willing to learn and apply. Business is the war over cusotmers – you win or loose and the winner will take it all. That is the price we all have to pay if we are going to create ultimate business success and fabulous wealth for us, our loved ones and the world.
“Only the one with the lead will make the sale!” is how I name it. The digital giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple and Microsoft understood this principle a long time ago, applied it dilligently and, therefore, rule the world. We already have millions of products and certainly enough excellent services. Information is limitlessly available on all subjects on the world-wide-web. Sadly, hordes of narrow minded consultants waste our time and money by trying to sell us their idiotic “easy way to success” mindset. There is no easy way to success – you need a proven system and work dilligently. This being the case the only question is:
“What is left for us to do and what is the ultimate master business?”The answer is digital customer generation. If you have a trusted connection with your client and create valuable deliverables for them, you can control what they will buy and from whom. You are in the ultimate power-position of an influencer who is able to controll the whole business game and money streams. So, can you make the sale? The rest is just detail!
The 10 levels of digital selling:
1. USP value definition
1.1. For your products Top 10 quality
1.2. For your-self Top 10 trust
1.3. For your company Top 10 service

2. YouTube sales videos
2.1. The market Who is your customer?
2.2. The message Why should he buy from you?
2.3. The media How can you reach them?

3. Omni-channel system
3.1. YouTube 3.6. WhatsApp
3.2. LinkedIn 3.7. Vimeo
3.3. Facebook 3.8. Pinrest
3.4. Google 3.9 XING
3.5. Twitter 3.0. Email … and many more

4. Affiliate programms
4.1. Affiliate & tracking links
4.2. Online webinar & offline event
4.3. Split test & frequency caps

5. Network marketing
5.1. Building your own influencer network
5.2. Using B2C & B2B networks
5.3. Renting CPA & PPV Networks

6. Payed advertising
6.1. YouTube, Google+, Facebook
6.2. TV spots & Radio broadcast
6.3. Press releases & newspaper articles

7. Sales funnel
7.1. Opt-in bribe & Webinar sign up page
7.2. Lead generation, squeeze & pre-sell page
7.3. Banner ads & content platforms

8. Content webpage
8.1. SEO/SEA, click rate & conversion optimization
8.2. Generic, payed & social traffic sources
8.3. News-, sales letter & e-mail marketing

9. Deliverables webshop
9.1. Core products, upsell & downsell offers
9.2. Order form, self-liquidation offer (SLO) & packages
9.3. Sales follow up, special & individualized offers

10. Customer Relation Management (CRM)
10.1. Customer for life: satisfaction, experience & referrals
10.2. Customer avatar: interests, goals, needs & problems
10.3. Competitive intelligence & repeated marketing cycles 1-9