This month in AdTech: October 2017 – brought to you by MonetizeMore.

In this installment we bring you the latest news and trends for publishers in the AdTech industry for the month of October.

Find out about how Apple have sent the ad industry scrambling, adoption of Ads.txt among top publishers, Prebid and it’s industry collaborations, Google and its first-click-free program, domain spoofing on at The Financial Times, the global state of ad fraud, the EU’s new ePrivacy laws and more!

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Apple Sends the Ad Industry Scrambling:

Time Inc. Moves Into Paid Memberships:

Good Idea, But Ads.txt Isn’t Exactly Crushing It — Yet!: Relieves A Symptom Without Providing A Cure:

Google Reportedly To End First Click Free On Publisher Sites:

Facebook loses attention as publishers shift focus to other platforms:

The FT warns advertisers after discovering high levels of domain spoofing:

Playbuzz Raises $35M To Power Interactive Content For Publishers And Brands:

The global state of ad fraud in 4 charts:

Why the Financial Times is converting text articles to audio:

How EU’s ePrivacy law could impact publishers:

Google announced new anti-fraud initiatives for DoubleClick Bid Manager: