Episode 4: The Move to Bondi

In this episode, we say our goodbyes to many international friends, our uncle Rob, and our roommate Numa!

On August 2nd, we made the move from Melbourne to Bondi Beach. After spending 6 months in South Yarra, and really planting some roots/establishing connections with local people, we are on the move again to experience somewhere new.

Bondi will be home for the next few months and we couldn’t feel more grateful! Bring on the ocean and sun!
About the Vlog & Us:
Welcome to my Travel Vlog! (aka my side hobby)
This channel was created to inspire others to travel and really, to MOVE abroad. In these episodes I will show you the beautiful places around the world we explore + the answers to why and how we made it happen.

I am a rapid media producer (videographer/social media strategist) and my partner is a personal trainer. We left the United States to travel/live abroad for the next 3 years…

I graduated business school December 2015, worked to save money, and left the U.S. 1 year later.
Inspired by other travelers, with only 6 months of planning, I made the decision to leave my home country & explore the world. I quit my job, left my comfort zone behind, and entered a totally new world….

As of February, 2017 I have put more focus on my social media marketing business and helping business owners tell their story online. I film and edit videos regularly, but now to help other people win (which I’m really excited about!)

I am a huge advocate for personal development and am always eager to acquire new skills, learn about different cultures, and make new friends along the journey.

Living abroad isn’t for everyone but I think it’s much less complicated and more possible than some may think. Subscribe to stay in the loop!


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