The luxury Network international awards 2018 was held on 30/04/2018 at the Hilton Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon, in partnership with Cael and under the patronage of the Lebanese President Of Council Of Ministers Saad Hariri.

The festival was attended by 550 people and honored a number of business, cultural, media and artistic figures as well as a number of Arab and international luxury brands in order to enhance the economic, commercial and tourism destinations between Lebanon and the world. The ambassadors from different countries also participated in honoring important brands from their countries to highlight and open horizons.

H.E. Fares Ghattas, global ceo, of The Luxury Network International, said that the company has worked with leading brands in Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa and has established 28 offices around the world, adding that the mission today is to honor established companies in the luxury industry and identify luxury brands Both locally and internationally, as well as create new business opportunities.

The ceremony was honored by prominent figures from the Lebanese community and from various fields. The ceremony was inaugurated by awarding Mrs. Leila Al-Solh in recognition of her distinguished humanitarian work. The Embassy of Qatar in lebanon and two commercial brands were honored from Qatar (Qatar Airways as The Best Luxury Airline of the year and Hamad Port as best port in the middle east )

As well as Moueen Shreif the famous Lebanese singer , and the international journalist Raghida dergham.

The Merit Royal Vice President Nabil Shoman from Cyprus received the best luxury hotel in Europe award, the pioneers of Yachts industry Sunseeker from the Uk received the award of luxury yacht of the year, Amaline restaurant from Lebanon received the best lebanese restaurant award and Caratell an asian jeweler received the best jewelry award of the year.
The Moroccan fashion designer Meriem Belkhayat for the best Caftan Designer of the year, the owner and founder of the boutique Amici Di Moda, Ms. Amal El Amine as the best luxury boutique in the middle east.
The leading manufacturer of Maatouq Holding International from the UAE, the Veer luxury boutique hotel resort in Beirut, the AI Vienna restaurant chain as the best asian restaurant in Europe and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tony Nassar.

The ceremony was attended by a number of political, cultural, media and artistic figures. The ceremony was also attended by the high-level diplomatic presence that accompanied the festival from its beginnings, where United Kingdom Ambassador Hugo Shorter, Qatari Ambassador Ali Al Marri, Moroccan Ambassador Mohammed Al Gharin, Belgian Ambassador Alex Lennartes, Minister Basem Al Shab, Minister of Information Melhem Al-Riyashi, represented by the Director of the National Media Agency, Mrs. Laure Soliman Saab, the Minister of Social Affairs Pierre Bou Assi, represented by his wife Mrs. Rima Bou Assi , Bangladesh Ambassador Abdulmutallab Sarkar, India Ambassador Sanjeev Arora, Serbia Amir Fik, Austrian Ambassador Marian Warba, former Minister Laila Solh Hamada, Awni Alkaki, Ambassador Elie Turk, Dean of the Consular Corps Joseph Habis, Fouad Makhzoumi and a big number of journalists, businessmen and business women.