Producer: Cheok Ka Man
From: Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau China
Special thanks to Antonio Chu, Dino Couto, Sonya Choi, Laurie Baker-Malungu, Stephen Ward, Doris Ip for your great support.

My idea comes from my field of study as a heritage management student. I recognize environmental changes and population growth have brought great changes to the tourism industry. Through this video, I hope to raise people’s awareness of the significance of tourism as it becoming more sophisticated than in the past.
Nowadays, technology is greatly affecting the tourism industry, with the help of technological advances, travel is less restricted by physical environments; visitor can use portable computers to check their locations and immediate share experiences through various social networking platforms, such as facebook, or other micro blogs. Also, technology creates an opportunity to promote a place, enhances destination brand and generate benefits for local communities. Furthermore, technology promotes cultural significance. It provides multiple ways to introduce the culture to the tourists and adds value to the destination. In the long term, it will contribute to heritage preservation, and reduce negative environmental impacts and promote sustainable development.