We hope you enjoyed the Socialbakers 2013 World Tour as much as we did. Each event was filled with positive energy and was mutually beneficial, as we also learned a great deal from the attendees’ feedback. We would especially like to thank the 41 speakers, who shared their social media expertise and insights with our audience. And of course, a big thanks to each and everyone of the 800 attendees that made the events worth organizing. Over 3000 tweets generated from the tour’s buzz have reassured us that the 85 804 miles and 148 hours (over 6 full days) our CEO Jan Rezab together with Klara Honzikova, our Global Event Manager, spent aboard planes and in 16 hotels over the 22 day-long tour was time well-spent.

BTW Join us at the new ENGAGE 2013 conference we are holding in London –