There’s a blurry line between what I call work and what I call play. I opened a social media marketing agency a couple of months ago as a result of my love for all things creative and all things social media…oh, and the results I was always creating for myself.

Some of you guys know that after flight attending for Emirates for 7 years, I went to do some freelance photography here in Australia. Originally being from Adelaide South Australia, and having moved to Brisbane in Queensland, I had no friends and family to automatically connect me to a network of people who I could show my work to. Billy’s family and network was amazing, but I knew I had to grow something of my own. So I used Social Media to market my work.

I thought this knowledge was common because – everyone seemed to be doing it, and also, I’d always used the internet somehow as a means to an end. I learned basic coding at 16, and customized my Myspace account to have sparkling starts and music in the background. I started my first blog in 2006 on a platform called Multiply. I used to post on it regularly, and film my gap-year in the Philippines with my 2 or 3 megapixel Nokia and would upload it to the medium. Eventually, when I started flight attending, I started a proper blog on a platform called Blogspot. After having lived in so many different places, I decided that email wasn’t cutting it anymore, and I needed one place to write and share to multiple people – that for me, was blogspot.

I will never forget the day I was on a plane, operating a flight to Germany. I was talking to this one girl – fellow cabin crew member – about my recent trip to Milan, and how we had record cold, icy weather.

She asked me –

“do you have a blog?”

I was starstruck. Haha!

I said, “I do!”

She goes, “I think I read it?? Are you twentysomethingflightattendant??”

Again, I was in awe of my newfound stardom! I said, “YES, OMGHOWDIDYOUFINDOUTABOUTIT???”

She said her Mum had found it via Google. I asked her where her Mum was living, she said “Canada”. This was my first experience of being randomly found. Along with this came a string of various emails and comments from readers asking me if I had a book that they could buy. I didn’t have a book. I was just doing what I wanted to do to tell stories.

Anyway, in 2015, there I was, jobless, deciding to be self-employed. I started my Instagram account. And from nothing, grew to 2 thousand followers in 3 months. Instagram wasn’t widely used in Dubai back when Instagram got popular, so I really had no idea what this meant. But at the same time, out of over 2000 followers, a good portion of them had become either models for me, or were clients of mine.

Again, I just figured that if anyone were to spend enough time on the platform, they’d get it.

As you guys know, I went back into aviation for a year. Photography was a lone gig, and I needed friends. So there I went, back to aviation. It was in this time that I started my YouTube channel. Once again, always looking for an outlet, I decided this was a good idea.

I grew an audience who some now, I consider friends. It’s crazy.

After a year of working in the office and gaining the friends I’d always wanted, I realized it was now the perfect time to go and start something of my own. I was mentally fit and brave to do so.

I never knew that my affiliation and fascination would lead me to a career where I get to help people create the links between their existing business and the wonderful world of the online space, but whatever it is, I love it!

One of the best things of my job right now is that: spending time on the internet is actually a requirement. I HAVE to be on top of trends. And usually, the trends are either fun or ridiculous (usually both 🙂

This video is some of the Internet stuff I experienced this passing week. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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