When I catch the sight of a rainbow after the rain it makes me appreciate the timing, and marvel the precious moments in life.

My time-freedom allows me to be closed to the nature, and my free time gives me more opportunities to make money on new business projects, live my passions in traveling, writing and photography.

Would you like to have more time to do the things you love? And to capture more opportunities and increase your income?

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Connie Mei Chan (aka Constance Chance)
Internet Marketing Consultant &Trainer
Branding Designer & Strategist
Researcher, Negotiator & Interpreter
Travel & Lifestyle Photographer & Videographer

About Connie :

Through her work as internet marketing consultant, Connie consults businesses and guides aspiring entrepreneurs to take informed action steps to increase brand awareness and sales by applying online strategies to promote and engage targeted customers.

Connie is now based in Hong Kong and New York and travels the world running business online, training and inspiring others to follow their dreams through her social media sharing, blogs, video channels, photography and writing.

She is enthusiastic in sharing her knowledge and constantly learning and improving her skills in effectively marketing online and offline.

Currently she is working on her first book (to be published Dec 2014) Title to be confirmed – A guide to infinite richness and fulfilment in living a dream life. She plans to travel to South America next years for Spanish and Salsa, Northern Europe for the Northern Lights ( Aurora Borealis), and California to start working in films.

These are her dreams since more than 20 years ago, she wants to live them and show people how NOT to delay such a long time, and start to build it up again with the power of marketing on the Internet.

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