Hear from Simon Noakes, CEO, Interactive Schools, talk about how to make your business STAND OUT on the International #Social Scene.

The fear of Social Media is driven out of ignorance, not knowledge. Do you need to pull your #Head out the ground and start understanding how to use social media – but more importantly ‘content channels’ more effectively? Humans are driven by the need to be happy, part of a community and the need to share good news. Social Media is the conduit to achieving this. Don’t let someone else’s negative story impacts your brand. Start telling your own stories, and watch your community share, like and retweet around the world. Learn about reach, social influence and the importance of your digital brand in reaching your customers.

Key takeaway points:
• How to prepare your start-up/business for an international social media landscape?
• Most effective ways, from both an agent and school perspective, on how to meet and engage with your buyers in an Omni platform environment
• Top tips to stand out and communicate your digital brand to the world
The Department for International Trade (DIT) has partnered with Bett UK once again in 2017 to support UK companies in expanding their exporting potential.

The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) has overall responsibility for promoting UK trade across the world and attracting foreign investment to our economy. DIT are a specialised government body with responsibility for negotiating international trade policy, supporting business, as well as delivering an outward-looking trade diplomacy strategy.

For more information and to find your export opportunity visit www.great.gov.uk