A travel photography career often means that you’re winging it. When you start, you don’t really know where your money is coming from. You don’t really have a proper monthly income. And, honestly, none of that really changes over time. But, I really hope that these monthly round-ups can kind of give you an idea on how to move forward.
Making money from photography is often all about finding different sources. I make money from 8 different sources in a method I call the income octopus.
The income octopus holds the following 8 sources of income I make as a travel photographer:
1) Editorial Photography
2) Commercial Travel Photography
3) Travel Photography Assignments
4) Stock Photography
5) Social Media
6) My travel blog:
7) This photography vlog
8) And affiliate marketing.
I think it’s so important to try to have various sources of income. In doing so, you kind of insure that you will always have something coming in. And, if one of those streams of income disappears, you always have 7 others and a chance to build a new one.
In this video, I also wanted to address the question of where to start. I get asked all the time about where to start a travel photography career. It’s tricky. But, I always recommend to people to start at home. Start by building your work as close to home as possible. Then, once you feel like you’re ready to go out into the world. Head to a place that’s photogenic, has demand, and is also fairly budget friendly. That will allow you the most time to build your career as possible.
My monthly income is fairly strong right now. Although, it really does have room for growth. I also know that I have to keep things as level as possible as there are good months and there are bad ones. In any independent work you do there are going to be ups and downs, so you have to prepare for the lows, and tame yourself during the highs.
Travel photography is an incredible career to have. But, of course, there are few precedents set. So, sometimes it can feel like you’re winging it. That’s half the fun.
The reason I started this photography vlog, in general, was to give you guys a behind the scenes look at life as a travel photographer. And, I hope these income reports help.
I’ll be back at the vlogs tomorrow.