The Matador NanoDry Towels are super lightweight. The silicone case is unique, though not quite as compressible as other towel cases on the market. View Details & Buy:

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5:30 – Pros & Cons
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Matador promote these towels as being ultralight, super-absorbent and quick drying. They also claim that they stay fresh for a longer period of time due to a special “gold-coat antimicrobial coating”. Needless to say, all of these features really piqued our interest—but they had us at “gold-coat antimicrobial coating.”

First off, these towels immediately stand out from other towels on the market because of the original design of the carrying case. Rather than a ripstop nylon or traditional mesh bag—which is common with most travel towels—Matador has opted for a silicone case.

The cases have air holes on all sides, except one side which is completely open, allowing you to insert and pull out the towel.

We’re always fans of low key branding, so we were happy to see some subtle, minimalistic branding on these things. It’s just enough to see that it’s Matador without being too ‘in your face’ about it.

Overall, the Matador NanoDry towels offer a pretty unique travel towel experience—wait, did we really just say “towel experience”…? The silicone case isn’t something we’ve seen with many other towels on the market, and if you can look past it not being as compressible as other towels—and the weak snap loop button—this may be a great ultralight option for your next travel towel.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the NanoDry Towel (both the Large and the Trek version) from Matador. These towels are quick drying and lightweight. Folding them into the silicone case is a little tricky at first, but overall, they’re a close-to ideal towel for travel.

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