NoSQL matters Conference in Cologne, Germany 2013 — Map/Reduce in Action: Large Scale Reporting Based on Hadoop and Vertica by Dennis Meyer & Uwe Seiler –

German based ADTECH GmbH, an AOL Inc. Company, is a leading international supplier of digital market-ing solutions delivering approx. 6 billion advertisements on a daily basis for customers in over 25 countries. Every ad delivery needs to be logged for reasons of billing but additionally ADTECH’s customers want to know as much detail as possible about those deliveries. Until recently the reporting part of ADTECH’s infrastructure was based on a custom C++ reporting solution used in combination with multiple databases. With ever increasing traffic the performance was reaching its limits, especially for the customer-critical end-of-month reporting period. Furthermore changes to custom reports were complex and time consuming due to the highly intermeshed architecture. The delays in producing these customizations was a source of customer dissatisfaction. To solve these issues ADTECH, in partnership with codecentric AG, made the move to a more flexible and performant architecture based on the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. With this new approach all details about the ad deliveries are logged using a combination of Avro and Flume, stored into HDFS and then aggregated using Map/Reduce with Pig before being stored in the NoSQL datastore Vertica. This talk aims to give an overview of the architecture and explain the architectural decisions made with a strong focus on the lessons learned.

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