Welcome onboard a LOT Polish Airlines, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, SP-LRC on flight LO282 from London Heathrow Airport to Warsaw Chopin Airport on Monday, 26th of March 2018. (Part 2, Landing in Warsaw)

When LOT announced that they will be sending a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to London Heathrow for a week before Easter, I knew that I had to be on one (two) of those flights. After browsing their website on Saturday, I managed to grab a return flight leaving on Monday, routing London-Warsaw-Gdansk-Warsaw-London in Premium Economy for the outbound, and Economy for the inbound.

Just few days before the departure, LOT took delivery of the first 787-9, SP-LSA. I was secretly hoping that they will use that as crew familiarization flights, but unfortunately no, -LSA was already flying to Toronto.
Our aircraft that day was a 5 year old SP-LRC, 86th 787 ever made, delivered on 17th of May 2013. Despite the age, the aircraft was really clean, fresh and well maintained.

Boarding commenced at gate B36 on time, and we were ‘doors closed’ at around 10:15. Unfortunately, we were held by the ATC at the gate for the next 35 minutes, before departing at 10:57. Even though the departure was delayed by just under an hour, we somehow arrived only 5 minutes past the scheduled landing time.

Few notes from the flight:
In Flight Entertainment – It was good. Surely more than enough for any LOT long-haul flight. Around 50 Hwood movies, various TV shows such as ‘The Flash’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and even classic SEGA and Atari games from the 1990s! The touchscreen was responsive and I enjoyed playing a 1994 Virtua Fighter 2 with the IFEs comfortable ‘gamepad’.

Food – Premium meal was fantastic, tasty, great presentation. (pictures and description in the video – 12:55 mark)

As for the crew – absolutely amazing, kind, professional, great looking, 10/10 would fly again.

The only negative I found in Premium Economy is that you don’t get the Prince Polo bar!!! What the hell!!! The cattle class gets one but Premium doesn’t?!!! I’d trade that whole meal for one Prince Polo!!! LOT, take notes!!!

Overall, it was a fantastic experience being able to try LOT’s Boeing 787 on such a short route. Amazing aircraft, incredibly quiet and spacious.

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