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What are chatbots? More or less a chatbot is a program which takes a process that is chat driven and makes it consistent for a user (they give the same answers each time unlike a human would) and a well-programmed bot allows easy interaction with a human. You typically see chatbots disguised as “live chats” on websites. It feels like a human speaking to you, but it’s a chatbot! It is a mix of AI and person-driven tech. So now that we know what chatbots are, what types of organizations use chatbots? How do they even get their information? As an event prof, you are probably also wondering how events can use chatbots. We are going to cover all this and more today.

In this episode of #EventIcons our guests Elizabeth Glau of EventBots by Sciensio and Paul Earnden of Prodo are going to answer the questions above. Our guests will also share their unique ideas on how to use chatbots. They will talk about what they like and dislike about chatbots. We will go over what types of events chatbots will be a good fit at and much more! This isn’t an episode you want to miss.