MEET the fitness model whose new-found confidence in her curvier body after GAINING one-stone six pounds of muscle to become an Instagram notable with 10K followers.

Fitness model and social media marketing specialist, Chyann (24), from Toronto, Canada, was always brought up in a sporty environment with her step-father encouraging her to pursue an interest in football.

However, when she was 18 years old, she suffered from an accident that meant that she couldn’t continue with her passion of sport; this sent her into a state of depression and her life spiralled out of control.

Feeling low and disappointed, Chyann turned to the drink and spent the majority of her days partying with her friends, binge drinking and not taking care of herself.

This paired with some days reducing her meals to just one a day, led the five-foot-eight model to drop her weight to a tiny 7st 12Ibs and a UK size four.

One day the perks of her old life were no longer appealing to her and her health declined, so she decided to turn her life around by getting into a fitness routine, which helped her gain 1st 6Ibs reaching 9st 4Ibs and a curvier UK size eight to 10.

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