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Welcome to another edition of Hospitality Property School.

I am your instructor, Gerry MacPherson and today, I am excited to be sharing a guest post from professional content writer, Bev Moss-Reilly aka “THE Word Specialist”.

Today, Bev is going to be looking at the writing of content.

I am going to read her post exactly as she sent it to us.

So, without further ado, here is

Reading between the lines
Written by Bev Moss-Reilly -THE Word Specialist

When I was kindly invited to write about “the writing of content”, I had to think hard about how I could possibly convey my message, as writing is a passion that runs through my veins. It’s my blood type! So how can one teach about writing and serve up tips to “want to be writers” when you are not sure whether they have the element of passion or not!

One certainly needs to be armed with an excellent vocabulary, as well as correct language skills, encompassing proper grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, tenses and sentence construction. However, one can’t be taught passion or how to have a fertile imagination. They are the two key ingredients for a perfectly fulfilling and successful writing career.

J.K. Rowling, world renown author of The Harry Potter series of books, would never have been able to write several successful books had she been devoid of a unique and phenomenal imagination. Save to say that the film production company had the ability to interpret and convey her stories with bespoke cinematography and skill. Her descriptive writing provided them with artistic interpretation.

As a self-made millionaire, Rowling wrote her first book in a small coffee shop in Glasgow. What motivated and inspired her is unknown, but she wrote with passion, and it was evident how it flowed through the ink of her pen, just as it was passionately running through her veins. She had the ability to paint a picture and evoke an imagination within millions of readers. This was clearly palpable.

Without hooking a reader with an enchanting title and a compelling introduction, the blog or article is lost, and the reader has moved on.

There are different styles of writing relevant to the various requirements of the content to be shared. Thus, besides a writer having their own natural inherent style, the way that one may compile a newsletter, for example, is very different to the way that one would write a novel, a blog or a review. Beside being a matter of fact and fiction, the tone and style differs.

While the content and intention is different for each piece of writing, the writer naturally finds his groove or comfort zone. Many may diversify, especially in the field of business and social media. That however, is lateral diversification.

However, my personal belief is to do what one does best, and one’s niche naturally evolves.

Become a specialist in one’s field and be clear where you want to pitch yourself, be it in the marketplace to garner business, or as a favourite pass time.

Start with a plan and a framework.

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