Daily Vlog 23/31 – If I had to go out and make $100 this week, here’s exactly what I’d do.
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Sorry that this one got uploaded a day late! The wifi at the lounge during my layover in Dallas wasn’t quite fast enough to get it uploaded in time.

To your first dollar online we’re going to do what’s called affiliate marketing.

Essentially, you share a link for a product, if someone clicks the link and buys it, you get paid.

Specifically we’ll be doing this for a web hosting account, which can pay anywhere from $65 to $100 per referral.

Step 1) Create a website. You’ll need this to get approved for your account. Here’s exactly how to do it:

Step 2) Sign up for the affiliate program for your hosting account

Step 3) Find a family member or friend who might be interested in creating a website.

Step 4) Have them sign up for hosting through your link.

Watch the video for more details, but it’s pretty much as simple as that!

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