You might be an expert in the hospitality property field but to benefit an influence, your goal should be to become a peer.

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Become a Hospitality Property Industry Influencer

You might be an expert in the hospitality property field but to benefit an influence, your goal should be to become a peer.

In the past, if you had a celebrity promoting your business or product, that was worth its weight in gold. Today, when it comes to getting advice or recommendations on what to do, where to vacation, where to stay or where to eat, most people trust peers more than so-called “experts.”

Now, you might be an expert in the hospitality property field, especially in your region, but to benefit an influencer in your field, your goal should be to become a peer and this can be done by sharing your content and insight in a certain way, so your returning and potential customer see you more as a peer.

Influencers are ordinary people who have earned a substantial loyal following because of their expertise and transparency. Unlike celebrities who actively endorse products on their social media accounts, influencers achieved their fame because of the valuable information they share with their followers.

Where do you start?
Here are 7 guidelines for you to follow

1. Choose your social media channel that you are comfortable with.

As of this writing, Instagram is the channel where 93% of social media influencers spotlight their content because it gives them the best results.

But before you pour all your energy into Instagram you have to determine if that is where your target market is spending their time.

In other words, if you want to grow your following and establish yourself as an influencer, you need to make sure that you choose the right social media channel based on your niche and ideal audience.

Here are three questions to ask to help guide you in choosing the right social media channel:
• Who is your target audience?

• Where are the other influencers in the hospitality property niche?

• What type of content will you create?

2. You need to develop your content strategy.

The format and quality of the content you publish will make or break your chances of successfully building yourself as an influencer.

Part of developing an effective content strategy is giving your audience the right balance of informative content and personal content. You should be able to both deliver valuable information and express your personality and voice.

A good rule of thumb is the 5-3-2 principle: Out of every 10 posts you publish in your social media account, five of these should be valuable content written by someone else, three are educational and informative content you created yourself, and two should be posts about yourself.

3. Distribute your content.

You can have the best content in the world, but if nobody is seeing it and you’re not engaged, it’s not exactly useful.

It’s important that you carefully plan out when you’ll be publishing and distributing your content and it is critical to know how to post your content on social media.

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