TEACHING ENGLISH (or your native language) OVERSEAS IS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY TO GET PAID TO TRAVEL THE WORLD — and I’m here to be a resource & help you get on your way to have the best experience of your life.

Two months after I graduated college, I packed my bags and moved 10,500 kilometers over the Pacific Ocean to a small village outside of Seoul, South Korea to teach English. It was my first time in Korea and in Asia, and I was instantly hooked.

My salary in Korea was $2,000/month — which doesn’t sound like a lot — but when paired with amazing benefits like free housing, reimbursed round-trip flights, covered health insurance, 2 weeks paid vacation, $5K in year-end bonuses & free every day lunches…. I was able to live very comfortably.

During my 1.5 years teaching English in Korea, I visited 18 new Asian countries, partied every weekend, and ate Korean BBQ 3 nights a week and STILL had money left over to save. Sound like a dream? YOU can do it too!

In this video, I give you details about my experience teaching english in Korea and provide exclusive tips for how you can also teach your native language abroad.

*FOR ALL ASPIRING ENGLISH TEACHERS* — You will need to get your T.E.F.L. (Teach English as a Foreign Language) Certificate. I am offering 35% off your class right now on my blog (link below) so act quickly before the offer expires! That blog post also goes into more detail on everything I know about teaching English in Korea.


Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions below about teaching English (in Korea or any place) and I’ll do my best to answer, but please read the post first as 95% of your questions will be answered there 🙂

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