Have you noticed more luxury brands appearing on your high street? Luxury shopping has increased due to the global shopper!
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The best of Business Traveller magazine brought to life on the screen, featuring stories on travel and entrepreneurship, destination guides and insider knowledge.

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The series brings the best of Business Traveller magazine to the screen. It features stories on travel, entrepreneurship, technology, destination guides and insider knowledge. In each episode, we head around the globe exploring anything from robot butlers and ‘green airports’ to luxury experiences and travel tech start-ups. Along the way, we’ll be finding out where the experts go to dine, shop, relax and be inspired – whether they’re in London, Oslo or Singapore – and looking at the latest products that help you travel smarter.

In this episode, we explore how the wealthy holiday, shop and spend their free time; and discover how companies are adapting to recent changes in the luxury market. From the phenomenon of the global shopper to the carmakers entering the yacht business, from bespoke expeditions to luxury holiday lets, Business Traveller takes you on a tour of the finer things in life.