Social Media and Conferencing Technology to Bring Participants Together

ATLANTA, GA Jan. 4, 2013 –Global events will bring together representatives of businesses, governments and communities in Atlanta and five countries on International Networking Day, Feb. 7, to understand the concepts of good networking and put them to work. The Atlanta event will be at the Cobb Galleria from 3 to 8:30 p.m. and is open to the public as part of International Networking Week®.

“Our goal is to bring together people who own or rely on small and mid-size businesses to facilitate international commerce in Atlanta,” said Emile Paradis of The Referral Institute-Atlanta, one of three hosts for the local event. “Atlanta is recognized as a leading international hub with six Fortune 100 companies and several major national and international companies headquartered here. We have 38 bi-national chambers of commerce and business associations here, and some 1,250 multinational corporations have offices here. Our event is one of 200 being held in 30 countries during International Networking Week, which runs from February 4 through 10.”

The Atlanta program will feature presentations by:

Hazel Walker, international speaker and author who works with companies focused on acquiring and keeping female customers.
Mike Macedonio, business owner, trainer, speaker, author and partner of the Referral Institute who helps develop proactive referral systems.
Mike Gomez, business turnaround coach/advisor and business development strategist who helps privately held companies with global expansion strategies.

Between presentations, attendees in Atlanta and other venues will use social media and communications and conferencing technologies to gather and meet. The other venues will be in the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Australia.

“This will be both the cool part and the means to reach our goal of getting people together,” Paradis said. “Using Twitter, people will be able to indicate if they want to meet people from certain countries or meet people in various industries. We’ll have a number of locations set aside in each venue to accommodate the most requested types of meetings, and we’ll have facilitators in each place to coordinate the meetings. From there, people should be able to decide whom they’d like to contact for further discussions and maybe schedule meetings here or in other countries. This should be really exciting.”

Along with The Referral Institute-Atlanta, International Networking Day is being hosted by The World Trade Center Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Business Network. International Networking Week is an initiative of BNI (Business Networking International). Local sponsorships are available for the Atlanta event.

International Networking Day is open to the public. Admission is $49 per person in advance. For information on sponsorships and the event and to register and pay for admission, visit

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