Flight delay compensation Air India –

Can you make an EU flight delay compensation claim against Air India?

The answer is yes, but.

The ‘but’ relates to the fact that Air India is a non-EU flight operator.

This means that with non-EU carriers, you’ll only be able to claim for flight delays that DEPARTED from an UK airport (this includes all EU airports).

So as Air India are not an EU operator, you will NOT be able to claim for Air India flights arriving TO the UK (plus all EU airports) where they have been delayed, whether or not the delay is more than three hours.

Rules for making valid flight delay compensation claims against Air India?
– The flight arrival must be more than 3 hours late. Plus remember, this only applies for flights departing from the UK (or other EU airport) on Air India, not on those that arrive to the UK.
– The amount of compensation is then affected by the distance travelled and can be anything from €250 to €600 for a delayed flight compensation claim. Or for cancelled flights or denied boarding the amount of the claim ranges from €125 to €600 depending on the distance travelled and the amount of the delay.
– Due to the fact that Air India tend to fly to long-haul destinations, where a delay has occurred that satisfies the EU flight delay rules, your flight delay compensation is likely to be to the higher end of the scale.
– The delay must be the fault of Air India. Reasons that would be the fault of Air India would include crew of sick or late arrival of the crew, where Air India did not have an adequate backup plan, which then caused the flight to be delayed.
– The delayed arrival of the inbound aircraft, which impacts the outbound flight, together with technical problems with aircraft, there are also both deemed the fault of the airline, which in this case would apply to Air India.
– However, bad weather, erupting volcanoes, strikes, bird strikes and political unrest would not be the fault of Air India. This would mean that a compensation claim against Air India could not be made in this instance.

So if you’ve had a flight delay on Air India within the last 6 years (or in Scotland 5 years), and the above criteria are met, you might be able to make a claim against the company.

What about what Air India’s policy states about flight claims for compensation?

Before making a claim for flight delay compensation, some people worry about the airline’s policy with reference to flight delays, cancellations and denied boarding. However, it is not the company’s policy that governs the amount of compensation and whether a claim is valid or not. Whether or not the claim would be successful, which in this case is in regards to Air India, this is down to the EU law 261/2004, not their policy on this.

Follow Air India’s procedure for compensation claims yes, but ultimately all airlines are bound by these rules.

But how do you make a flight delay or flight cancellation claim against Air India?

To make your Air India compensation claim, you either write to Air India. You’ll find their address details on their website. Or complete their online forms. Provide evidence for your delayed flight with them, plus your flight number. It’s a good idea to include a copy of your boarding card with your compensation letter.

Alternatively, you engage the services of an expert company which has a legal department who are experts on flight delay compensation claims, cancelled flight compensation claims and denied boarding compensation claims. A professional company that gets flight delay compensation claims from airlines day-in-day-out. They will write to Air India on your behalf. This is more often done on a no win no fee basis, which means there’s no risk to you. In this case, they only get paid when you receive your compensation.

For details on engaging an expert option to make a flight delay compensation claim against Air India, please follow this link. This also applies for claims for cancellations and for denied boarding too –