Would you like to see a funny social experiment? Then check out this video presented by SAS. The funny social experiment takes place at Arlanda Airport on an escalator.
SAS arranged the social experiment because we wanted to find out whether travelers prefer a faster track or not. Do you want to know the answer? Check out the video and see if you can recognize yourself!

SAS always strive to make the life of a traveler easy and smooth. But does the possibility of getting faster really matter? We wanted to find out and conducted a social experiment on an escalator at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.
We simply covered an escalator next to another one with a marketing banner, and made the escalator faster than the escalator next to it. Which escalator do you think the travelers at Arlanda Airport preferred? They preferred the fastest one!
The social experiment gave us quickly an answer: YES! – the possibility of getting faster does matter for travelers.

Have you heard about Fast Track? With Fast Track you avoid the lines at security control, so you’ll get faster to the gate. Fast Track is a separate line at security control and is available for you traveling in SAS Business and SAS Plus, or if you are a Silver- (special periods during summer and Christmas), Gold- or Diamond EuroBonus member.
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The funny social experiment presented by SAS, was well received by travelers at Arlanda Airport. Within no time the funny social experiment video was shared on many social media platforms and viewed by a million people! This resulted in a nomination at the international advertising festival, Cannes Lion, where SAS won a bronze lion in the category “Outdoor”.

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Can you recognize yourself from the funny social experiment video? If you can, you should consider using Fast Track next time you fly with SAS. With Fast Track you avoid the lines at security control and instead you get a separate line at security control which is moving faster.
Fast Track is available to:
· Passengers in SAS Business and SAS Plus
· Passengers in Widerøe Business & Widerøe Flex
· Passengers flying domestic in SAS Business, Widerøe Full Flex & Widerøe from Oslo
· Passengers flying in SAS Business with one of our codeshare partners on an SK flight number
· EuroBonus Diamond & Gold members* with regardless of ticket type, when traveling on a same day ticket with SAS or Widerøe. EuroBonus Silver members during summer (July 1-August 31) & Christmas (December 17-January 8)

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