Behind The Ears Podcast had the esteemed pleasure to not only be in Disney World for the grand opening but the amazing people of the WDW Community page were able to alert Mr Chris that there was about to be a soft opening at Hollywood Studios the day before! It was an amazing experience being there for both of these things and hopefully next big opening the whole team can be there. So, on episode 232 of Behind The Ears Podcast you guessed it Mr Chris broke down the new immersive park and its new attractions and FOOD! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!
Expedition Roasters is ‘THE’ artisanal roaster of specialty Disney inspired coffees. Why not brew some magic at your home? Some of their coffees include Skipper’s Brew, Ghoulish Delight, Enchanted Tiki Coconut, Redhead Rum and many other unique roasts. Their coffees are certified gluten & allergen-free and feature unique custom artwork by guest artists. Trader Sam’s Coffee Company offers an adventure in every bag! So, start your adventure today by visiting us online at, That’s And Behind The Ears, listeners be sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer and save 20% on your first purchase with code: EARS20 – That’s EARS20 at
Brew Your Happy Place!
Tired of lugging that stroller on to the plane? Maybe it’s taking up too much room in the trunk on your drive down to Disney World, but who can you trust to get a stroller? How about Kingdom Strollers. They have a variety of sizes and models to fit every family and their budget. Plus, there a trusted Disney brand so save you the hassle and space and simply visit for your next family trip!
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