Do you want to travel in space? Now you get the chance with SAS Space Travel! Sign up for SAS Space Travel and let your biggest dream come true!

SAS Space Travel and SAS SpaceTravels will be launched in the year 2020 and will give you a travel experience beyond this world. SAS Space Travel will give you a whole new way of travel that will shorten travel times dramatically.
With SAS Space Travel coming up, a completely new travel class will be launched too. This travel class will be named SAS Astro Class and the new award program for the travel class will be named SAS AstroBonus.
Lastly, a new floating lounge separated from the airport will be created.

Are you looking forward to travel in space with SAS? We do!

SAS Space Travel will shorten travel times dramatically which means that you in 2020 will be able to travel from Oslo to New York in only 25 minutes!
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With SAS Space Travel you will also get the coolest entertainment on board. We have created a 3D entertainment system, which shows you sports and movies just as if you were there for real. With this brand new SAS Space Travel Entertainment System, your travel in space will be your best travel in space ever!

So, do you want to sign up for your future space travel? Please sign up for SAS Space Travel here:

But! Before you do, please note, that THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! HAHA!

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The first man that said “Yes” to travel in space was the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. This happened in 1961.
Eight years later, in July 1969, the American astronaut Neil Armstrong also said “Yes” to travel in space. But, this was not a regular travel in space, this time Neil Armstrong travelled to the moon and become the first man on the moon!

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