The Central Market is THE place to hide from the heat in Phnom Penh. The market is much much more than the food court we show. 4 massive wings contain shopping of all kinds, with a special jewelery section in the very center.

Like other hot climates, fresh is the best way to eat. The food section of the Central Market was clean and bright. There is an a uncooked market section I will make a 2nd video about. I know some of you don’t like you spring rolls mixed with shots of raw meat…

If you are traveling through Phnom Penh, you will find your way to the market naturally. The streets of PP are a still a little “rough” to travel and the market is a natural retreat from that. For a city that is still recovering from the effects of genocide at the hand of the KR, this market is clearly a point of pride.

I got squid with a green peppercorn sauce. Good times.

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