With over 13,500 delegates from across Greater China, this series of events proved to be Australia’s largest ever inbound corporate event experience.

This is a short five minute overview capturing the excitement of the Welcome and Gala event experiences.

The series of events involved 4x Galas, 4x Conferences, 8x Welcome events staged within three event sites across Sydney Australia. The event involved over 350 production event staff and entertainment stars across four weeks.

The event was hailed as an unqualified success and served as the benchmark for subsequent events to be measured against by Amway internally when determining future vendor partners.

Produced by FACTOR168 Creative Event Company founding partner and team members on behalf of now defunct event agency ShowServices.

The Executive Producer and Creative Director Darren Kerr, went on to produce a number of subsequent events for Amway and other clients across Asia throught the FACTOR168 Creative Event Company.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company delivers creative, strategic, and tactical event services throughout Australia and across Asia. Sensational Events through Powerful Experiences –