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Are you looking to grow your company’s revenue through your online presence, but find that you are faced with these top marketing challenges for marketers and CEOs:

Lack of in-house expertise;
Lack of time; and
Lack of technology and tools

In today’s business world, it’s vital that your business has a strong online presence that produces results, as more companies are holding their marketing teams accountable for revenue contribution.

In this digital age, companies with good sales & marketing alignment generate 208% more revenue from marketing efforts.

Yet, 63% of B2B businesses are still trying to implement inbound marketing tactics with no WRITTEN digital marketing strategy.
For the visual, a man/woman blindfolded throwing darts missing the mark would be a good visual

Here’s the big problem: Consumers today are bombarded with millions of marketing messages each day. Outbound marketing like interruptive ads, direct mail, and cold calling just don’t work anymore.

Here are some stats:

86% of people skip TV commercials
44% of direct mail is never opened
200 Million Numbers on the Do Not Call List

The Reason? It’s simple … buyers don’t want to be interrupted, and they are in more control of the information they receive. In fact, 68% of buyers self-educate online before even talking to a sales rep. – Marketing Has Changed Forever!

Implementing a powerful inbound marketing and sales strategy means mastering numerous digital marketing techniques
With this statement, you can show in some manner visually the various things involved in inbound marketing:

Lead-Generation Websites
Marketing Automation
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Sale Enablement
Sales Presentation
Graphic Design
Video Marketing
Mobile Apps

Let’s face it – you’re an expert in your specific industry. – Unless you have time, energy, and a lot of money to waste while you learn from your mistakes, becoming a master of inbound marketing is going to be difficult – nearly impossible – if you go at on your own.

That’s why you need our Aiden Marketing team of inbound marketing & sales experts. Our number one priority is executing tactics that successfully generate revenue on your behalf as

Inbound Marketing leads cost 61% less than outbound leads; and
Inbound Marketing yields 3 times more leads per dollar.

We understand that small-to-mid-size companies need a marketing agency partner that increases lead generation, conversions, and accelerates revenue growth.

We have years of expertise and experience, and our team focuses on process improvement, people, and technology throughout the entire digital marketing and sales life-cycle.

If you have a sales team hungry for qualified leads and you are ready to increase revenues and marketing ROI then …

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