Here are 6 secret reasons why people really attend events.

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When we are trying to sell more tickets to our events we often focus on the common reasons people want to come along. Our audience’s real motivators to attend are sometimes surprising though.


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People attend events for many different reasons. Here are 6 secret reasons you may not even have thought about.

Are you sure your event marketing is hitting the right buttons? We mostly think about the usual reasons when trying to get more people to attend our events. Maybe we should think about some of these more surprising reasons and adapt our marketing?

We see the same messages spreading across different media when we get an invitation to attend an event. Boring call to actions are repeated over and over again.

To fit in, we adopt the same tried and tested approach of other event planners. This turns out to be a risky strategy for 2 main reasons:

We completely bypass what our audience are looking for.

We assume that if something has worked for someone else, it will work for us.

We can do better!

What really motivates people to go to an event? There are many universal reasons we attend events that we may be ashamed to admit.

1. I Feel Alone
Although we may think that event goers are sociable types, often it can be the opposite. Those who attend an event are often shy and introverted and want to get to know more people, possibly like them.

Make sure your social programme is rich and varied. Integrate with as many social networks as possible and share who is attending the event.

Your guests will already feel more at ease by discovering that like minded individuals are attending.

You can call that networking, we call it safety.

2. I Don’t Want To Be At Work
Make sure to communicate enough reasons for your attendees to justify to their boss why attending the event is important. Then let them do the hard work selling it. They might even bring the boss along.

3. I Want To Eat, Drink and Have Fun
Most people won’t say so, but they are in it for the free meal, drinks and party. Or perhaps the free swag.

Make the most of your goodie bag. People love free stuff!

4. I Am Broke
Events are a good opportunity for businesses to find new contacts and clients. Make networking a key element of your event program.

5. I Don’t Know Anything About Your Subject
We tend to think that only experts and gurus are the ones who attend events. Reality is that the majority of people attend events to learn about something they are completely clueless about. They won’t tell you that. Sometimes even the self-proclaimed experts attend to learn.

6. I Want To Visit Somewhere New
Human beings often want to explore and experience the unknown. Select original locations that are different and appealing.

There are lots of secret reasons why people want to attend your event. Even if they won’t admit it.

This was brought to you by EventMB, in partnership with Evenium, Relationship Technology (