5 Things To Do In Amsterdam – These are five things I really enjoyed doing in Amsterdam that I think are worth recommending. They also don’t take a lot of time so you can add some or all of these to whatever you already have planned.

Number one is to do a boat cruise of the canals. Amsterdam is known for its incredibly quaint and historic canal system and you really should see it from the water. You get a totally different perspective and it’s a nice way to sit down and rest your feet when you’ve been walking around a lot. Bonus! There are lot of boat companies to choose from and you should also get some history about the city and specific sights along your route. I think it’s definitely worth the money.

Number two is to see Amsterdam by bike. If you’re not a confident bike rider, I wouldn’t recommend renting one, however, because biking in Amsterdam is serious business. There are a lot of people on the road coming from all directions and they also allow motor scooters in the bike lanes (I don’t understand why). I was lucky enough to hitch a ride on a bike instead! We were staying with wonderful friends who said It’s even better to get a ride because then you get to look around and enjoy without being worried about the actual navigating and cycling. Lucky us! It’s one of my favourite memories of the city and I felt so much a part of things being in the bike lane.

Number three is to visit the Flower Market or Bloemenmarkt. Founded in 1862, the market used to be supplied daily by boats and the stalls still sit on the canal – so technically this is a floating market. It’s full of colour and a nice spot to stroll through. You can also buy souvenirs of seeds and bulbs to take home with you. Tulips, of course, are synonymous with The Netherlands! Just make sure your package has a customs stamp clearly marked so you don’t encounter any difficulties at the border.

Number four is to eat food out of a vending machine. Apparently fast food wasn’t fast enough for the Dutch because they’ve made it even faster. You can get hot food snacks without speaking to a single soul, including lots of Dutch snacks, too, like krokets and kaassouffles. Just choose what you want, put your change in the slot, remove your food, and eat! It’s really simple and quick. You’ll notice a lot of these spots and they’re quite popular.

Number five is to take a photo with the I amsterdam sign. This slogan began as a marketing campaign and has since been adopted by locals as a way of saying to all the MILLIONS of tourist each year that Amsterdam isn’t just for them, it’s for everyone. Such a nice thought. There are several signs but the best one is behind the Rijksmuseum at Museumplein. It’s enormous and usually covered with other people snapping photos. I think that’s part of the fun because it makes for great people watching. There’s another sign at Schiphol Airport and a third sign that moves around the city to various special events.

I hope you enjoyed this video of five things to do in Amsterdam. I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell me which looked like the most fun to you.

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