4th Bosphorus Digital Marketing Summit: Trends in Enterprise Digital Asset Management and New Social Media Strategies
May 26th, 2018 / Saturday / Point Hotel Istanbul
New circles and brands
The Benefits of New Social Assemblies to Branding and Institutions
What is the Digital Strategy in the New Media? How to determine?
New Media Target
How to Evaluate and Measure Digital Assets
What is the right position of Digital Communication Strategies
What are visions and trends?
How Does Internet and Social Media Platforms Improve Institutions’ Business Culture?
How did New Media Change the Concepts of Business, Employee and Customer in Institutions?
What is the situation in Turkey? What are Future Applications and Near Future Expectations?
What Are The Most Successful And Fun Social Media Strategies Of The World’s Most Stupid Sectors?
How to Design the Right Interaction in Institution and Brand Coordination
Journey Through Social Crm and Data, Analysis Methods, Tools
Online Reputation Management …
Digital Rights And Legal Criteria …
The right moves, methods and systems …

and more….